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Venue : Aajivasan Hall, Santacruz (West), Mumbai.

Date : 7th Jan., 2024

Time : 8am to 3pm

+91 79 77 22 89 24

+91 79 77 22 89 24

Try Before Buy


You are buying single profile, do not forget to type biodata code, whose biodata you are opting for while placing an order.

In case if candidate has got married, then you will get your refund after confirmation from the candidate whose biodata you have purchased.

You will have to be our Free or Paid member to buy this profile. If you are not member then before that please register yourself with us as FREE Member, Once you will get approval of your biodata as member from our side, then you will be able to buy this profile. Alternatively, you can upload your biodata during checkout.

You will get biodata display link upon successful verification and receipt of Rs. 100. Point to remember, you can not download or forward biodata, but you can view it or you may take screenshot of biodata.